ASSIGNMENT A owner Aigné French has gained further interest in the ideals of sustainability when she took a class in her Fall 2015 labeled Sustainability in design school. At that time, she was already making major changes to self, and this class presented itself at the right time. In fact, Aigné got her start in sustainability without knowing what sustainability was. In her young teen years she would make pieces out of curtains and tapestry. She then went on to second hand shops and up-cycle garments to bring them a new life. She has been practicing sustainability methods throughout her life and work ever since. 

Being in this industry, we know that producing new garments can negatively impact the world. It has been proven. From horrid working conditions, our water supply, air quality. economic disparities, and much more. Having this perspective, we have adopted the PRE-ORDER method to ease these conditions. Granted we are just one brand but it feels good to us knowing that our company can make a slight impact on the industry, the supply, and mankind. With our PRE-ORDER method we take a set amount of orders per piece, a set time frame when pieces are made and shipped to our customer. Aigné produces each piece by hand meticulously to ensure absolute consistent quality throughout. She also goes back to her roots from time to time to source pre-existing garments and redesigns them for a new life. After every piece is finished we keep our unused scraps and that is an indicator for how we move into our next steps in our pattern. We do not expect to be perfect. But we will continue to hold ourselves and our customers accountable.


As ASSIGNMENT A expands we will continue to upload this space with new information.